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Human resources are the resources of the enterprise-class talent enterprises bigger and stronger. The company has always adhere to the concept of "people-oriented" the height of great importance to staff training and human resource development, and sustained opening of staff career development channel, increase the cadre reserve and talent echelon construction, continuous introduction of innovative mechanisms and competitive mechanisms, outstanding talent and staff to display their talent stage.

       Ongoing technological innovation, continuous improvement of work environment, continue to reduce labor intensity, living facilities, wages and benefits paid on time, complete a variety of insurance handled the treatment of employees has gradually increased, and pleasant living environment of Students apartment and expertise, is your life , jobs, growth, a better home. Focus on creating a high-quality personnel to enhance the capability of independent innovation, to build the core competitiveness for the realization of "build a century enterprises to do the industry leader, a world brand" the grand objective of the Firm Foundation.

       Currently, the company headquarters existing staff of 2,000 people. Strong economic strength, broad prospects for development, employment environment, a strong corporate culture, General business, to show their talents, the pursuit of the ideal, the best choice for aspiring.

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