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Xixia Intake & Exhaust Manifold Co., Ltd. founded auto exhaust system research and development center with the cooperation of Wuhan University of Technology. Combined the research advantage of Wuhan University of technology the industrial advantages of Xixia Intake & Exhaust Manifold Co., Ltd. Based on the vehicle engine exhaust manifold, carry out the car engine exhaust system development to change from supplier of a single component to system.

       Henan province, Intake & Exhaust Manifold Engineering Technology Research Center: develop technical strength, research and development technology in the field of manifold, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, according to the requirements of scale production, promote technology integration and technical level ascension of the whole field.
       Provincial enterprise technology center: with new products, new materials, new technology research and development as the key point, and increase the commercialization of research findings, such as high nickel alloy, stainless steel welding, cast steel and other new material of the manifold, deepening enterprise strength in the field of engine exhaust manifold.

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